Volume II
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Civil Courts Procedure (Special Provisions) Law

Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Amendment of the Administration of Justice Law.

3. Chapter IV of the Administration of Justice Law not be apply to civil court.

4. Civil Procedure Code deemed to have been in operation.

5. Pending actions.

6. Actions, applications and other matters already completed.

7. Court to make appropriate orders in certain matters.

8. Effect of non-compliance with the provisions of the Administration of Justice Law or the Civil Procedure Code.

9. Rules made Under the Administrator of Justice Law to continue to be in force.

10. All orders, directions issued under section 11 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, and all determinations, directions made under Law, No. 14 of 1973, deemed to be made under the Civil Procedure Code.

11. Interpretation.

19 of 1977.

AN LAW to regulate the Procedure of the Civil Courts and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

[Date of Commencement: 29th November, 1977]

1. Short title.

This Law may be cited as the Civil Courts Procedure (Special Provisions) Law.

2. Amendment of the Administration of Justice Law.

The Administration of Justice Law is hereby amended as follows—

(1) in section 3, by the omission in paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of that section, of the following—

(a) the expression "the Civil Procedure Code”; and

(b) the expression "the Destruction of Valueless Documents Ordinance”;

(2) by the insertion, immediately after section 26 thereof, of the following new section—

"26A. Penalty for proceeding in District Court when case cognisable by Magistrate's Court.

If any action or suit, be condensed in a District Court for any debt, damage or demand which might have been recovered in a Magistrate's Court, for the plaintiff if successful, shall not by reason thereof, be entitled to any costs whatsoever but it shall be competent to the court to make an order as to costs as justice may require”;

(3) in section 80 thereof by the repeal of subsection (1) of that section and the substitution therefor of the following new subsection—

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