Volume VI
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Overseas Telecommunication Act

Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Validation of the purchase made by the Government of Ceylon of property of Cable and Wireless Limited.

3. Transfer of company's liabilities under pension funds of the company to the Government.

4. Payment out of the Consolidated Fund of Ceylon of sums payable by Government of Ceylon under agreement with Commonwealth Telecommunications Board.

5. Authority for the High Commissioner of Ceylon in the United Kingdom to execute agreement.

6. Regulations.

7. Interpretation.

61 of 1957,

8 of 1963.

AN ACT to validate the purchase made by the government of Ceylon of property belonging to the company known as cable and wireless limited; to make certain provisions regarding employees of that company who were appointed to the staff of the overseas telecommunication service of the posts and telecommunications department; to authorize the high commissioner of Ceylon in the united kingdom to execute, on behalf of the government of Ceylon, any agreement that the government of Ceylon may have to enter into with the commonwealth telecommunications board in pursuance of the commonwealth telegraphs agreement dated 11th may, 1948; and to provide for the payment out of the consolidated fund of Ceylon of all such sums as may be required by such agreement to be paid by the government of Ceylon.

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