Volume VII
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Appointment of Commissioner.

3. Powers of revision vested in the Commissioner.

4. Effect of omissions under paragraph (1) of section 3.

5. Power to omit retrospective and transitory provisions.

6. Omission of certain legislative enactments from the revised edition.

7. Numbering of Acts and Ordinances.

8. Mode of dealing with alterations or amendments.

9. Printing of revised edition.

10. Chronological table and index to the revised edition.

11. Authenticated copy of each volume of the Revised Edition to be deposited with the Supreme Court, Senate, House of Representatives and Government Archives.

12. Bringing into force and validity of the revised edition.

13. Saving of existing subsidiary legislation, appointments and acts.

14. Supplementary matter in revised edition.

15. Effect of repealed or omitted Acts and Ordinances.

16. Construction of reference to repealed, Acts and Ordinances.

17. Effect of this Act on enactments which have not come into operation.

18. Place of this Act in the revised edition.

19. Interpretation.

2 of 1956,

26 of 1961.

AN ACT to provide for the preparation and publication of a revised edition of the Legislative Enactments of Ceylon.

[Date of Commencement: 1st February, 1956]

1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the Revised Edition of the Legislative Enactments Act.

2. Appointment of Commissioner.

(1) The Honourable Hema Henry Basnayake, Chief Justice, is hereby appointed a Commissioner for the purpose of preparing a new and revised edition of the legislative enactments of Ceylon in force on the 31st day of December, 1954, or such later date1 as the Governor-General may fix by proclamation published in the Gazette.

(2) In case the said Honourable Hema Henry Basnayake is unable from any cause fully to discharge his commission under this Act, the Governor-General may appoint some other fit and proper person to be a Commissioner in his stead.

(3) For the purposes of this section, any Act or Ordinance or part of any Act or Ordinance which has been passed on or after the 1st day of July, 1938, and which has not been repealed, shall be deemed to be in force although such Act or Ordinance or part thereof has not been brought into operation.

3. Powers of revision vested in the Commissioner.

In the preparation of the revised edition, the Commissioner shall have the following powers—

(1) to omit—

(a) any legislative enactment which has been repealed expressly or by necessary implication, or which has expired, has become spent, or has had its effect;

(b) any appropriation Act or Ordinance;

(c) any Act or Ordinance or part of any Act or Ordinance so far as that Act, Ordinance or part effects any change in the title or designation of any person or office;

(d) any legislative enactment which repeals any written law and any table or list of repealed written law whether contained in a Schedule2 or otherwise;

(e) any preamble to any legislative enactment, where such omission can, in the opinion of the Commissioner, be conveniently made;

(f) all introductory words of enactment in any legislative enactment;

(g) any legislative enactment prescribing the date when any legislative enactment is to come into force or operation, where such omission can, in the opinion of the Commissioner, be conveniently made;

(h) any amending legislative enactment where the amendment effected by such legislative enactment has been embodied by the Commissioner in any other legislative enactment;

(i) in any legislative enactment the interpretation of any expression which is defined in identical or similar terms with the definition of that expression contained in the Interpretation Ordinance; and

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