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Arrangement of Sections

1.        Short title.


Regulation of Ownership of Houses

2.        Permitted number of houses.

2A.     Applications by bodies of persons for the determination of permitted number of houses.

3.        Determination of number of houses in certain cases.

4.        Persons who construct house for sale not deemed to own such houses.

5.        Reduction of number of houses.

6.        Amalgamation of houses.

7.        Houses on leased lands.

8.        Declaration by owners of houses in excess of the permitted number of houses and vesting of such houses if no declaration or correct declaration is made.

9.        Tenants may apply to purchase surplus houses.

10.      Houses in excess of the permitted number of houses may be disposed of within twelve months.

11.      Vesting of houses in excess of the permitted number of houses.

12.      Vested houses.

12A.   Power of Commissioner to transfer certain houses to the tenants of such houses.

13.      Applications by tenants for purchase of certain houses.

13A.   Applications to purchase houses of persons who have left Sri Lanka.

14.      Sale of certain houses to the Commissioner by owners.

15.      Date of vesting and title to houses vested.

15A.   Title to houses purchased directly from owners.

16.      Vesting of appurtenant and adjoining lands.

17.      Applications to purchase houses.

17A.   Divesting the ownership of houses vested in the Commissioner.

17B.   Register of vested houses.

17C.   Restriction on transfer of houses purchased from the Commissioner.

17D.   Certain sections of the National Housing Act to apply to mortgages of houses purchased from the Commissioner.

17E.   Commissioner to recover cost of maintaining services.

17F.    Discontinuance of amenities provided to vested houses.

18.      Taking possession of a house vested in the Commissioner.

19.      Prevention of or obstruction to taking possession of house for and on behalf of the Commissioner.

20.      Notice to persons entitled to make claims to the price payable in respect of any vested house.

21.      Provisions to be complied with by the Commissioner on receipt of claims.

22.      Reference to Board of Valuation for award as to price payable.

23.      Determination of price payable.

24.      Provision for cases where the amount is not accepted.

25.      Deduction from the amount payable.

26.      Interest on amount payable.

27.      Date of commencement of amount payable.

28.      Manner and mode of payment.

28A.   Provisions of the Prevention of Frauds Ordinance not to apply to instruments executed by or in favour of the Commissioner.

29.      Constitution of the Board of Review.

30.      Meetings of the Board.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 31 July 2014