Volume I
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Vesting of Batticaloa Waterworks in Ceylon Government.

3. Duty of Government to supply water within Local Board limits.

4. Imposition of water-rate and relief of Board from repayment of loan.

5. Exemption from payment of water-rate.

6. Procedure on failure of Local Board to impose water-rate.

7. Regulations.

8. Penalty for contravention of regulations.

9. Obligations of Board to be carried out by successor.

6 of 1925,

17 of 1945.

AN ORDINANCE to declare the Batticaloa Waterworks to be vested in the Ceylon Government.

[Date of Commencement: 1st February, 1926]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Batticaloa Waterworks Ordinance.

2. Vesting of Batticaloa waterworks in Ceylon Government.

(1) The waterworks, hereinbefore referred to, constructed by the Government for the use of the Local Board Town of Batticaloa and the land on which the said works stand shall belong to and be vested in the Government, and all tanks, reservoirs, cisterns, fountains, wells, aqueducts, conduits, tunnels, pipes, pumps, or other waterworks existing at the commencement of this Ordinance, or afterwards made, laid, or erected, and whether made, laid, or erected at the cost of the Government or otherwise, and all rights, servitudes, bridges, buildings, engines, works, materials, and things connected therewith or appertaining thereto, shall be vested in the Government.

(2) The Government shall have the right of breaking open the soil at any place, including the right of digging up and opening any street, road, or lane, for the purpose of constructing, laying, altering, or repairing any part of the said waterworks:

Provided that the Government shall with all convenient speed, after such work has been completed, restore the ground broken open to its former condition.

3. Duty of Government to supply water within Local Board limits.

(1) Subject to the performance by the said Local Board of the obligations undertaken by, or imposed on, them under this Ordinance, the Government shall provide a supply of drinking water within the Local Board town of Batticaloa, and shall for that purpose cause such pipes to be laid, and such tanks, reservoirs, or other works to be made, as are necessary for the supply of wholesome water in the public streets of the Local Board town of Batticaloa, and shall erect in such streets convenient stand-pipes, fountains, open reservoirs or pumps for the gratuitous use of the inhabitants of the said Local Board town of Batticaloa for domestic purposes. It shall also, subject to the performance of the obligations of the said Local Board hereinbefore mentioned, be the duty of the Government, as far as possible, to make adequate provision that such supply of water shall be continuous throughout the year, and that the water supplied shall be at all times fit for human consumption.

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