Volume II
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Establishment of Board.

3. Constitution and proceedings of the Board.

4. Incorporation and powers and duties of the Board.

5. Grant and loan to the Board.

6. Repealed.

7. Application of income and other money.

8. Accounts, audit and annual report.

9. Minister to decide questions.

10. Protection for the members of the Board and its employees.

10A. Minister's directions to the Board.

10B. Acquisition of immovable property under the Land Acquisition Act for the Board.

10C. Exemption from customs duty.

10D. Appointment of public officers to the staff of the Board.

11. Savings of rights of the Republic and of certain other rights.


29 of 1928,

77 of 1938,

30 of 1940,

14 of 1941,

62 of 1946,

31 of 1950,

31 of 1951,

22 of 1954,

8 of 1957,

2 of 1959,

53 of 1961,

45 of 1984.

AN ORDINANCE to provide for the establishment of a Coconut Research scheme and for the incorporation of a Board of management thereof.

[Date of Commencement: 5th December, 1928]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Coconut Research Ordinance.

2. Establishment of Board.

There shall be established in Sri Lanka a Board, hereinafter called "the Board”, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a coconut research institute and otherwise managing, conducting, and furthering scientific research in respect of coconuts and problems connected with the coconut industry, and in particular the growth and cultivation of coconut palms, the prevention and cure of diseases and pests, and the utilisation and marketing of the products of coconut palms, and for the purpose of exercising the powers and carrying out the duties conferred and imposed upon it by this Ordinance.

3. Constitution and proceedings of the Board.

(1) The Board shall consist of the following persons:

(a) Ex-officio members:

The Director of Agriculture.

The Minister in charge of the subject of Finance, or a person deputed by him.

The Chairman of the Low-country Products Association of Ceylon.

The Director of the Coconut Research Institute.

The Commissioner of Coconut Rehabilitation.

[S 3(1)(a) am by s 2 of Act 53 of 1961.]

(b) Nominated members:

Two persons selected from among Members of Parliament and nominated by the Minister.

Two members of the Low-country Products Association of Ceylon nominated by that association.

Two members of the Planters' Association of Ceylon nominated by that association.

Two members nominated by the Minister to represent the small holders.

(2) Members of the Board who are nominated under subsection (1)(b) from among Members of Parliament and from the members of the Low-country Products Association of Ceylon and the Planters' Association of Ceylon shall hold office for a period of three years, or for such period as they continue to be members of those bodies, whichever period may be the shorter.

Any other nominated member shall hold office for three years, and all nominated members may be denominated from time to time.

(2A) The chairman of the Board shall be elected by the members of the Board from themselves.

[S 3(2A) ins by s 2 of Act 53 of 1961.]

(3) The proceedings of the Board and the method of filling such vacancies as may occur in its membership shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the First Schedule.1

(4) The Minister may by regulation revoke, amend or add to the First Schedule,1 and all such regulations shall be laid, as soon as conveniently may be, on the table of Parliament at two successive meetings of Parliament, and shall be brought before Parliament at the next subsequent meeting held thereafter by a motion that the said regulations shall not be disapproved, and if upon the introduction of any such motion, or upon any adjournment thereof, the said regulations are disapproved by Parliament, such regulations shall be deemed to be rescinded as from the date of such disapproval, but without prejudice to anything already done thereunder; and such regulations, if not so disapproved, shall continue to be of full force and effect. Every such disapproval shall be published in the Gazette.

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