Volume VI
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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Constitution of the National Planning Council.

3. Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Additional Deputy Chairman of the Council.

4. Delegation of powers and functions of the Chairman of the Council.

5. Functions of the Council.

6. Cabinet's powers in respect of the Council.

7. Rules.

8. Constitution of the Planning Secretariat.

9. Functions of the Planning Secretariat.

10. Chairman's powers in respect of the Planning Secretariat.

11. Appointment of consultative bodies and engagement of experts.

12. Power to obtain information.

13. Restriction on disclosure of information obtained under section 12.

14. Liability of Directors and officers of a Corporation which commits an offence under this Act.

15. Regulations.

40 of 1956,

58 of 1957.

AN ACT to provide for the establishment of a National Planning Council and a planning secretariat and for matters connected therewith.

[Date of Commencement 14th September , 1956 ]

1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the National Planning Council Act.

2. Constitution of the National Planning Council.

(1) There shall be established a council which shall be called the National Planning Council (hereinafter referred to as "the Council”) and which shall consist of—

(a) the President;

(b) the Minister in charge of the subject of Finance; and

(c) not more than fifteen other persons appointed as members of the Council by the President.

(2) A member of the Council who is appointed by the President shall, unless he earlier resigns or his appointment is terminated under subsection (3), hold office as such member for three years commencing on the date of his appointment.

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