Volume VI
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PRESBYTERIAN Church (KANDY) ordinance

Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.

2. Original trustees, how appointed.

3. Trustees to rent out.

4. Annual meeting in December.

5. Vacancies in the office of trustee how filled up.

6. Minister to be the Chairman at of all meetings of the trustees.

7. Who may be a trustee.

8. Objects of the trust.

9. Place of worship to be forever holden for the purposes for which originally erected.

10. Trustees to let pews and seats, and manage the temporalities.

11. Two trustees to from a quorum.

12. Auditors to be elected at annual meeting.

13. Minister to have right of use of house.

14. Trustees may sue and be sued.

15. Right of voting at meetings.

16. Trustees to take grants of land.

17. Free sittings reserved.

18. Certain conditions of former Ordinance declared, to be fulfilled.

19. Powers of Governor to be exercisable by the president.

13 of 1845,

1 of 1933.

AN ORDINANCE to regulate the temporal affairs of the Presbyterian Church in Kandy, in Sri Lanka.

[Date of Commencement: 12th December, 1845]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Presbyterian Church (Kandy) Ordinance.

2. Original trustees, how appointed.

The first or original trustees of the Presbyterian Church aforesaid shall be elected and appointed in the manner following, that is to say, the persons who have subscribed towards the erection of the said place of worship and Minister's dwelling, or any three or more of them, shall and may at any time after the passing of this Ordinance convene a meeting of the subscribers (of the time and place of holding which fourteen days notice shall have been previously published in the Gazette) at which meeting three persons shall be elected by majority of votes to act as trustees until Monday in the last week of December next ensuing after the said place of worship shall have been opened for Divine worship.

3. Trustees to rent out.

On the completion of the said place of worship, and before or so soon as shall be practicable after the same shall have been opened for Divine service, the trustees then in office shall, except as hereinafter excepted, rent out the sittings therein according to such general scale, and agreeably to such regulations for fixing the rates of seat rents, and other matters connected therewith, as shall have been agreed upon by the majority of subscribers present at the meeting held for the election of such trustees, or of any other meeting of subscribers to be especially convened by the said trustees for that purpose.

4. Annual Meeting in December.

Upon Sunday in the first week of every month of December after the said place of worship shall have been opened for Divine service, there shall be appointed for the year commencing on the first day of January then next ensuing three new trustees, of whom one shall be appointed by the Minister of such place of worship for the time being, and two by a majority of the seat holders present at a meeting to be convened for that purpose by the trustees for the time being, and to be holden at such hour and place as shall be specified in a notice to be posted for that purpose in some conspicuous place in such place of worship for at least fourteen days previously to the day fixed for the holding of such meeting:

Provided always that, nothing in this clause contained shall be construed to prevent the reappointment at any such meeting of all or any of the trustees who shall at the time of such meeting be actually in office; and

Provided further, that in case the Minister shall fail to make such appointment, or the trustees shall fail to call such meeting, or in case at any time, there shall not be any duly appointed trustee, it shall be lawful for the Governor to nominate so many persons as are required for completing the number of trustees to be trustees until the next ensuing Annual Meeting.

5. Vacancies in the office of trustee how filled up.

In case of the death, incapacity, resignation, or departure from Sri Lanka of any trustee appointed or elected under the provisions of this Ordinance before the expiration of the period for which he shall have been so appointed or elected, or in case any such trustee shall be absent from Sri Lanka, or be in a part thereof remote from the said place of worship for more than six months in succession, or shall be a confirmed person of unsound mind, or shall be or become disqualified to act in such capacity, it shall be lawful for the remaining trustees to convene a special meeting of seat holders for the election of a new trustee or new trustees, as the case may be, to supply the vacancy or vacancies so created during the remainder of that period;

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